Which are the best Hybrid cars for sale in UK?(Complete guide-2023)
Which are the best Hybrid cars for sale in UK?(Complete guide-2023)

Which are the best Hybrid cars for sale in UK?(Complete guide-2023)

September 13, 2023

Wondering, which are the best hybrids cars available for sale in UK? Looking for second hand hybrid cars in UK or searching for a small hybrid car, we got your back! Read below to know all about the best hybrid cars in UK!

What are Hybrid Cars?

First thing first, lets define what a Hybrid car really is. So a Hybrid car is a car that has two power sources. Thus, it has at least one electric motor and one internal combustion engine. In simple words, it can run on the electric motor and the gas engine. Depending upon the type of Hybrid car you have, it can sometimes run completely on electric motor, sometimes completely on gas engine and sometimes on both.

Best hybrid cars UK

Thus, such will help to combust less gas, making it economical on fuel. Electric power is also found to be helpful in improving the performance of the vehicle. However, for all the hybrid cars, there is a high-voltage battery pack that helps the cars to run on batteries. The hybrid cars also use the gas engine to charge and maintain the battery.

However, as there are different types of hybrid cars and different companies, these vehicles differ on basis of costs and their fuel efficiencies.

What are the different kinds of Hybrid Cars available in UK?

There are as many as three types of hybrid cars available in UK. These types depend upon the way they operate and consume fuel. These types are self-charging, plug-in and mild hybrid. While they may differ, they serve the purpose of reducing fuel consumption. They ideally rely on battery for short routes and trips thus causing low environmental hazards. Yet they are backed by fuel consumption to offer seamless driving experience!

The Types of hybrid cars

Lets see in detail the 3 types of Hybrid cars available in UK!

1. Self-charging hybrid

In UK, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, Posh Hybrid, Renault Clio and Ford Kuqa are the best available options for self-charging cars!

The most demanding self-charging hybrids in UK are the hybrid cars by Toyota and Posh. They offer wide range of Hybrid cars from small to luxury ones. A Self-charging hybrid car is not the one that can be plugged in for charging. Their batteries are charged by the petrol engine or by the kinetic energy released as a result of regenerative braking. Such cars run on exclusive battery power, yet for short distances and on low speeds ( approx a mile at 25mph).

best hybrid cars UK
Advantages of Self-charging hybrid cars
  • Fuel optimisation for short routes and travels
  • Zero-emission for short travelling
  • Smooth driving experience
  • No hassle of plugin
  • Evolving and proved technology
  • Cheap cars with higher fuel efficiencies
Disadvantageous of Self-charging hybrid cars
  • Maximum reliance on petrol engine
  • No relief in company car tax

2.Plug-in hybrid

UK market is dominated by number of plug-in hybrids such as Kia Sorento, Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid, Passat GTE, Volvo XC90, Mercedes C300e and BMW X5. From super cars like McLaren Artua and Ferrari SF 90 to humble cars like Volkswagen Golf all are avalable in UK’S hybrid car market!

As the name suggests, the plug-in cars can be charged. They can run on engine and on batteries. The charging can be directly by plugging on or by engine and brakes. The plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are equipped with larger battery packs and more powerful motors than self-charging hybrids.

Advantages of Plug-in hybrid cars
  • Benefits the owner in Tax rates
  • Zero-emissions allowing for cleaner environment Compelling from a tax perspective
  • Enjoy an electric car
  • Highly fuel efficient if charging is full
  • Can manage motorways
  • High speed and performance
Disadvantages of Plug-in hybrid cars
  • Comparatively Expensive than the SC hybrids and non-hybrid cars
  • Hassle of charging the car on time
  • Poor fuel economy when on fuel consumption
  • Heavier than non-hybrid cars

3. Mild hybrid

Best new and used mild hybrid cars in UK are Ford Puma, Ford Fiesta, Audi A8, Fiat 500, Fiat Panda, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson and Suzuki Swift

Mild hybrids are the ones with a small electric motor such that they cannot allow the car to run on batteries exclusively. Rather, they offer engine with certain assistance and allows to give sophisticated impact on the fuel consumption.

Best Hybrid Cars in UK

Overall, these are the best hybrid cars for sale in UK:

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Ford Kuga
  3. Kia Niro Hybrid
  4. Lexus NX Hybrid
  5. Toyota Corolla
  6. Lexus LC
  7. Toyota Yaris
  8. Renault Clio
  9. Honda HR-V
  10. Toyota RAV-4 Hybrid

Also read our detailed article in best cars to buy in UK!

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