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As per our Cookies policy, we tend to collect your information automatically when you land on our website. Our website, Dealz on Wheelz uses Cookies to collect information and details. 

In general, a cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer’s hard drive. This is placed by your web browser when you first visit our Website. The cookie, thus enables us to identify you from the device and let us know you from your previous visit.


Why do we use Cookies?

  • To view which device you have used such as mobile, laptop, or desktop to visit our site. 
  • Gather data and valuable statistics on how you use our site. Such as which site pages you visited and which sites you visited before visiting Dealz on Wheelz and after visiting Dealz on Wheelz. Thus, monitoring pre and post-behavior. 
  • Some Cookies have been set by us, while some Cookies are set by the Search Engine. Here are the Privacy policies of Google. 

Once you accept our Cookies policies, you accept that you give Dealz on Wheelz permission to continue serving the browser cookies. We also have the rights reserved for editing, removing, or adding new cookies. This also implies adding new technologies at any time without notifying you. 

If you have issues with our cookies policies, simply discontinue using our site. 

Most web browsers will accept the cookies automatically, however, you can also change the cookies settings. You can disallow the cookies that have been saved on your computer. For that, we recommend you use your internet browser’s manual or manufacturer for instructions on how to use this feature. 

For more information on cookies, you can visit these sites: 

Also, mind that once you disable cookies on our site, we may not be able to provide you with all the features of the website. 

Disclosure: Although we have made every effort to provide accurate information on this website, we strongly advise you to verify the details with your dealer as unexpected errors may arise.

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