Which are the best family cars of 2023? (top 10)
Which are the best family cars of 2023? (top 10)

Which are the best family cars of 2023? (top 10)

September 28, 2023

The best family cars of 2023 are spacious and allow families to enjoy their travel. 2023 is a year of cars and cherishing moments with family. Read all about various types of family cars in 2023 to select the best fit!

The 2023 Best Cars for Families have been carefully selected after analysing as many as 9 different automotive classes. Thus, this car offer variety for all types of families. Such as family with toddlers, family with elders and family with teens. Thereby, brace yourself for best family cars which include hybrid, SUVs, minivans, electric and others, offering space, safety convenience, reliability and joyful commute experience.

Why can you trust our nominated Best Cars for Families?

Our experts and Automotive professionals have relied on their expertise and real time reviews to choose the best cars for families for 2023. We have been able to come up with these cars only after taking into account the safety and reliability features, volume and space, family-friendly features and professional automotive reviews.

The best family cars in UK are the one that are practical, offer low running cost, are reliable and offer great driving experience.

We have also taken into account the driver. As driving with family can be a big deal, we have chosen cars which give comfort to the driver and he can enjoy his commute weather he is with family or not. As sometimes, the person driving the car needs to enjoy a drive for himself as well!

What are best family cars in UK?

If you are looking for a family car in UK, than you know that it is not an easy job. If you have a family, you have to cater for kids, your comfort, make sure you select something reliable and practical. In UK, you will be exposed to number of family cars such as Family hatchbacks, SUV or estate. Selecting one will depend upon your family type, size and your budget.

The family hatchbacks are one of the best options available for family cars. They are fuel efficient and offer great space. You can enjoy a good legroom and a comfortable drive. There are also Midsize cars that are compact yet comfortable. If you looking for a spacious car you can go for a seven-seater car like a SUV or a minivan.

2023 Best Cars for Families

Let the ride for best family car 2023 begin!

1. Dacia Jogger-Best Multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) for families in 2023

Jogger is among the top-rated seven seat car available in UK. Thus. it best fits a family of 7 and caters to both kids and adult passengers. It is known for its great cargo space which is 1,807 litres. Not only Jogger has a great outlook, i mean look at this beauty!

But also, it is economical. The Jogger starts from just over £18,000!

The new uplifted shape has taken into account the space for the third-row. It is also available in a hybrid model and we love how they have not gone for fancy interior and focused on infotainment touchscreen, climate control, nifty roof bars, parking sensors and connectivity with Apple’s Car Play and Android’s Auto!

2. Kia K5-the best midsize car for families in 2023

Kia K5 is a captive family car best suited for mid-size family. It offers a clean outlook, a classy interior and a bit of a tint exterior. It is built with a driver-enteric interior and a performance accelerating interior. Best Midsize Car for Families are usually luxury looking.

Kia K5-best family car

Equipped with 2.5 L cylinder, panoramic sunroof and Heated GT sport front seat, families can enjoy a safe and reliable trip!

3. Toyota Camry: the Best Hybrid Car for Families in 2023

The Toyota Camry is a great hybrid car suitable for families. It has a captivating design that tends to be very practical. It is a fuel-efficient car as it is a hybrid car. The outlook of the car is highly luxurious as it has a TRD matte bronze-finished wheels and gloss-black alloy wheels.

Toyota Camry: the Best Hybrid Car for Families in 2023

Camry Hybrid has an estimated rating of 46 mpg combined. This is a pretty good performance which is complimented with the sport-tuned suspension. It is powered by the hybrid efficiency!

4. Hyundai Tucson: the best family car SUV (compact)

The fourth-generation Hyundai has taken over the market of compact and mid-sized SUV through its striking looks, uplifted equipment and practical designs. Tuscon has been a popular choice for best SUV for families for more than 2 years now.

Hyundai Tucson: the best family car SUV (compact)

With its spacious interior which lends good space for both front and rear passengers, Tuscon is ideal for families. The have cleverly spaced-in luggage capacity with a vast 620-litre boot.

Tuscon are economical, starting from £30,000, and comes with safety features such as forward collision-avoidance.

5. Chevrolet Suburban: Best family car SUV (Large)

This luxurious beauty has been named as one of the nest large SUV for three consecutive years and there is no reason to why it should not have! It is one of the most attractive car leaving a powerful impact.

Chevrolet Suburban: Best family car SUV (Large)

Even though it is a SUV, the looks, interior and exterior along with safety, functionality and practicality have not been compromised. The sleek design complimented with minimal yet practical interior offers efficiency.

6. Hyundai Santa Fe: Best SUV for family (2-Row)

The 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe is the best SUV for family. It is a 2 row car with the passenger capacity of 5. It is a lavish car with spacious interior and alluring features. Nonetheless, it is a budget-friendly car with various practical features. It also gives more than average fuel economy. It has been named as best SUV (2-row) for its space and performance.

Hyundai Santa Fe: Best SUV for family (2-Row)

7. Kia Telluride: Best SUV for family (3 Rows)

If you have a big family, then this is the car for you. This car is spacious and when it says spacious, it means spacious. Kia Telluride is a mid-size SUV which can accommodate as many as 8 people. he Telluride is an impressive three-row SUV. It boasts a quiet and upscale cabin, impressive tech, extensive standard features, adult-friendly third-row seating, and a satisfying driving experience. It has a few minor weaknesses, but overall this Kia is a great pick for a three-row crossover SUV

Kia Telluride: Best SUV for family (3 Rows)

8. Toyota Highlander Hybrid: The Best SUV for family (Hybrid)

The 2024 Toyota Highlander is a larger SUV with larger 3rd row and cargo space. Making it a spacious car. With its hybrid nature, it is best suited for families as it gives fuel efficiency. Highlander strives to deliver a smooth ride and is equipped with features that are much appreciated in a family-oriented car. The bespoke design. the exalting exterior and sleek interior makes it a perfect family car.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid: The Best SUV for family (Hybrid)

9.Kia EV6: Best Electric car for Families in 2023

The 2023 Kia EV6 has been declared as the 2023 world performance car. It has an impressive long driving range and is equipped with latest and functional technology. The car is equipped with engaging driving dynamics, has spacious and comfortable seats, and is one of the safest car as it has ruled over the crash tests!

The sport look is what makes it a dream car!

Kia EV6: Best Electric car for Families in 2023

10. Honda Odyssey: Best Minivan for families in 2023

As Honda markets it “The fun Minivan”, is somewhat fun to explore. It is a eight-seater minivan. Even though in UK the trend of minivan has been down, still Odyssey has been able to capture the market. It has a comfortable leg space, V-6 engine, practical technology and of-course easy griping. The minimal interior has been set to incorporate space. It is where technology meets convenience. It comes in 7 colors!

Honda Odyssey: Best Minivan for families in 2023

What to consider when buying a family Car?

If you are planning to buy a family car for your family, then you should be considering number of things. First thing first, you should know if you are looking for a brand new car or a used one. This entirely depends upon your budget and preferences. Some people look for a brand new, while some are comfortable with a used one!

Rest, will depend upon your family size. Do you have a large family and you tend to commute together? Do you commute together rarely and can arrange a different commute for others? Than you can opt for a mid-sized SUV or an estate car. But if you guys tend to commute together often, go for a minivan or a large SUV.

Similarly, how much do you commute? Is it like only for schools and office, then you can opt for a luxury car. If you are using for regular long routes, opt for a fuel efficient and comfortable car.

Need help choosing a family car? Feel free to have assistance from Car experts at Dealzonwheelz!

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